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A bosom friend afar




一位美国妈妈给儿子使用手机的家规 ,值得中国家长学习 一一一黛茜(Daisy)于2017,4,21日[USA,斯坦福]  

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《The wisdom of the mother was in the the United States. Chinese parents, especially parents in the child's mobile phone problem no matter how to want to read a few times more, study well.》

一位美国妈妈给儿子使用手机的家规 ,值得中国家长学习
《An American mother to son cell phone use rules, Chinese parents should learn》

Dear Gregory: merry Christmas! Now you're proud to be the owner of an iPhone. That's great! You are a good, responsible, a 13-year-old boy deserves the gift. But at the same time of accepting the gift, you have to follow some rules and regulations. Please use the following contracts from start to finish to read it again. I hope you can understand, my duty is to put you into a comprehensive development of young people, physically and mentally healthy, beneficial to the society, so that they can adapt to the new technology and not to be. If you have not been able to observe the following agreement, I will end you the ownership of the iPhone
1. This is my mobile phone, I pay for. I lend it to you now, I isn't it great?

2. The phone password must want to let me know.

3. If the telephone rang, he must answer, because this is a telephone. Pick up the phone to say "hello", be polite. Never for caller id is "mama" or "daddy", deliberately not pick up. Don't ever do that.

4. 9 in the evening, from Monday to Friday at 7:30 in the evening, weekend on the phone to me or your father. We will put off your phone, at 7:30 in the morning to boot. If you don't want to call a friend's machine, because his parents could pick up the phone first, then don't play, also don't use their phones to send text messages to him. Listen to your intuition, respect other people's family, just like we hope to get respect from others.

5. Mobile phone cannot be brought to the school. You have to learn from those who contact you by text chat face to face, because it is a life skill. If only half lesson, go out to visit and study of extracurricular activities, etc., can be considered separately.

6. If the phone fell into the toilet, fell to the ground, or missing, you have to bear the cost of replacement parts or to be responsible for the maintenance. You can mow the lawn, for others to see children or save a part of the birthday gift. To avoid such things happen, you should be prepared to.

7. Don't use the high-tech products to lie, to fool or deceive others. Don't say something hurt others on the phone. To be a friend, or just stay away from the dispute.

8. Stay away from pornography. When using mobile Internet to search and browse only those he can share the information with me. If you have any questions about anything, you can find someone to ask, it is better to ask me or your father.

9. To set the phone to mute in public, and put away, especially in restaurants, cinema or talking to another person. You are not a rude person, don't let the iPhone changed that one bit.

10. Don't send or receive you or anyone else body private parts of the picture. Don't laugh. Don't think you are very clever, one day will be tempted to do such a thing. That's a big risk, it may ruin your school, college and adult life. It is always a bad idea. Network space is vast, powerful, its strength is far better than you think it is very difficult to make any such event a trace, including bad reputation.

11. Don't take pictures and video endlessly, it is not necessary to record everything. To experience life attentively, these experiences will be live in your memory

12. Sometimes it may not take phone go out, to no one and decided to do it, don't feel upset. Mobile phone is not a living creature, also is not how long you out of things, to learn to put aside mobile life. Don't always afraid I missed what, want to make my mind stronger.

13. Download some trendy, classical or different music, don't like your countless peers, all listen to the same song. Your generation has unmatched in the history of convenient conditions, can be in contact with all kinds of music. Make good use of this advantage, broaden your horizons.

14. Don't always staring at the phone, looked up and pay attention to what happened around you, look out the window, listen to birdsong, go for a walk and talk with strangers. Keep a curious heart, don't always use Google to look for the answer.

15. Suppose one day you have made a mess of life, then I will take back your mobile phone. We will sit down and talk, then start again from scratch. You and I are in constant learning. I'm on your side of the "team", let us work together to face.

I hope you can agree to these terms and conditions. Listed above the most telling, not only applies to the iPhone, also apply to your life. Today's rapidly changing world, exciting and full of temptation, you grew up in such an environment, over time, to try to keep calm. To believe in your wise mind and a strong heart, don't be around any machine. I love you. I hope you like this awesome new iPhone! Merry Christmas!

The wisdom of the mother was in the the United States. Chinese parents, especially parents in the child's mobile phone problem no matter how to want to read a few times more, study well


一位美国妈妈给儿子使用手机的家规 ,值得中国家长学习


















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